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Mountain Ridge Bulk Wines
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Merlot
  • Shiraz
  • Ruby Cabernet
  • Pinotage
  • Cinsaut noir Rosé
  • Pinotage Rosé
  • Generic Rosé
  • Chenin blanc
  • Colombar
  • Muscat d’ Alexandrie
  • Sauvignon blanc
  • Chardonnay

Bulk Wine Specialists since 1949, we have been consistently producing top quality cultivar bulk wines out of grapes from some of the best locations in the Western Cape of South Africa. We can produce bulk wines that are custom made to the client’s preference, ranging from dry wines to sweet wines, and have it bottle ready.

Centrifuge – Our new German-engineered GEA centrifuge has the capacity to clean our wines to under 1 ntu in clarity at a speed of 10,000 litres per hour. This closed system is soft on the wines as they are clarified in one action. The risk of oxidation is also reduced, ensuring a higher quality product.

Tanks – Mountain Ridge has a capacity of 9,000,000 litres, with all of the tanks fitted with sufficient cooling capacity. All white and rosé wines are cold-fermented between 12°C and 14°C to ensure a long fermentation period, thereby improving the aromas and tastes necessary for high quality bulk and bottled wines.

Open Top Red Wine Fermentation Tanks – Something old, something new – our open-top fermentation tanks (in Afrikaans called “Kuipe”), dating back to 1949, have been revamped; fitted with stainless steel fittings and cooling jackets with pump-over spraying systems they ensure the maximum extraction of the right colour and tannins. The open tank fermentation ensures that red wines are softer, more elegant and improve colour stability and overall quality. Fermentation takes at least 7 days in these tanks at temperatures ranging between 24°C and 28°C.

Bulk filter – Mountain Ridge’s bulk filter is able to filter wines to below 0.5 ntu, which is excellent for off-dry to semi-sweet wines.